Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fuel Cheats for Xbox Live 360

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  • "It takes a lot for me to really get into a game. Fuel totally Rocks! I started just with the demo and I liked it right off. It's not just racing, it's more of a driving games as well. Basically if you love to drive and drive but just don't have the gas. This is exactly what you can do with this game. There are no limits just drive anywhere you want to. To some that may be boring. My kids and I all love this. They actually mapped all this out with Google Earth so a lot of the areas are where you get to drive. The difference to all this is, it takes place after a global disaster. There are even races that have tornadoes whipping everything out of your way or even you if your not careful. Fuel has so much it could take you month to beat this game. Fuel is high paced and Live talk to your friends and drive kinda thing. I'm still unlocking some of these. So I will add more as I go. If you on it. Maybe we can drive together and chat. Danj1516 "

    More Cheats here.

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