Friday, September 18, 2009

Addicted to Xbox 360 Live

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Xbox Live

I have to say I'm addicted to the Xbox 360 Live. Well, not that much but it is very hard to put down at times. My kids even agree that they truly love going on these games and playing live with people around the world.

Before I hurt myself working I never really had the time to sit down and actually get into what this thing does. I had some time at home and started digging into a few things this Xbox is capable of and found out some very cool features.

OK, I know it's a gaming box that plays games. That's what I thought too. I never really like some of the violent type games before. But lately I've really been getting into Call of duty 2 and America's Army a lot. Not for the game itself. But there is this live feature that allows you to team up or go head on with other people around the world. I love this. It's really hard to explain. But knowing that you are playing with other real people with real actions and response just adds this challenge I have never seen in a game before.

On top of this. Rock Band, Rock Band 2, 3, 4 and now 5. The people who made this, YOU ALL ROCK! Being a musician myself, I love music as it is. Though it's not like playing the instruments itself except of course the drums. It's is an amazing tool to bring the entire family together. Parents, and kids. There is also Guitar Hero that has now came in and added the other instruments as well. Again. You Rock.

I know I seem to be selling this thing. But actually I'm writing this in the hopes to find other people to play some of these games with and maybe talk to and such on the new features getting ready to come out.
Xbox Live

Ever seen the Jetsons? Or Buck Rodgers, Star Trek? Xbox 360 is getting ready to come out with a sensor for it. That will allow us all to talk on not only Video chat, but to play games all in the same manner. The games are more life like than every before with so many other features. I'm going to be updating this blog here shortly with some video and other things as well.

If you happen to be on it and would like to add me. Just contact me here through google and let me know what games you have.

Thank you for reading through all this. Come back for updates as well.

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